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Card readers

Below you can find a list of supported card readers for ASSA ABLOY Matrix II


MAGTEK 21040107

The MagTek 'USB Mini Keyboard Emulation' is connected via the USB port. A separate power supply, drivers etc are not necessary.

This card reader can be ordered at cost price of € 60 net; item number 8Z01.



The password-protected mobile card reader MSR-120 of Promag is ready at your fingertips. To read the data, it is connected via USB cable to the PC. It is operated with one AAA battery and can store up to 2,048 records before it needs to be read.

This card reader can be ordered at cost price of € 150 net; item number 8Z02.


Keyboard with built-in magnetic card reader (G81-7000/8000 by Cherry)

The keyboards by Cherry with built-in magnetic card reader does not require a separate port on the computer and have their own power supply. Bundled software or special drivers are not necessary.
Please note the different models: Not all of them are equipped with a magnetic card reader. Only the models G81-7000 and G81-8000 xxx xxx are supported.
Further information and options on the cherry homepage: