Wiener Linien with eCLIQ well on track

Anyone who has been to Vienna will understand why the Austrian capital has been voted top of the list in the world’s most pleasant cities to live in for the ninth time running. Cafés, museums, theatres, opera– the city offers a wealth of cultural and leisure activities. Preferred mode of transport: bicycle or public transport. To ensure that the local public transport system continues to run smoothly and safely, the eCLIQ electronic master key system from the ASSA ABLOY brand IKON will simplify the allocation and management of access authorisations.

Year on year, the Mercer consultancy firm carries out a study to rank the cities with the highest standard of living in the world. This assessment is based on political, social, economical and environmental aspects, as well as the quality of the infrastructure, including the transport network. The Austrian capital Vienna took first place once again in 2018. It has been top of the list for nine years. Vienna is mainly known for its wide range of cultural and leisure activities. But the study also praises the quality of the public transport system. To make the network even safer, a standardized master key system from ASSA ABLOY Austria GmbH will now be installed successively. 

Vienna and its public transport system, one unit

There has been a public transport system operating in Vienna for over 150 years. The first horse-drawn tram was commissioned in 1865, marking the beginnings of the current tram system. It owes its appearance largely to Vienna-based architect Otto Wagner. He created a piece of art in the transitional style between late historicism and early Jugendstil. The bus service was launched in Vienna with the first two lines in 1907 and the subway completed the public transport network in the city at the end of the 20th century. The specially founded architect firm Architektengruppe U-Bahn, or AGU for short, has been designing the subway stations for almost 50 years. With a consistent panel system throughout, the firm created a standardised design element for all subway lines, that also allows for flexibility.

Wiener Linien for more safety in the public transport system

Wiener Linien – a subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke GmbH – has been running the city's transport network with subway, bus and tram, since 1992. It is the largest in Austria. Last year, Wiener Linien transported its passengers a distance equivalent to travelling around the world five times a day. To guarantee their safety, master key systems are a particular focus. They must offer protection and also allow for flexibility to minimize administrative work. Because, in addition to countless employees, external companies must also have access to the installations of the transport company. For this, it must be possible to issue access authorisations temporarily and partially – as quickly and independently from location as possible, as offered by eCLIQ from ASSA ABLOY.

One transport company - one master key system

The previous master key system was dated, had gaps in security and the patent protection was also coming to an end. This is why Wiener Linien, as part of an EU-wide call for tender, chose a futureproof, contemporary mechatronic master key system for the company as a whole. The company commissioned with the planning, project execution and implementation, PKE Electronics GmbH with headquarters in Vienna, chose ASSA ABLOY Austria GmbH as a partner. “A project of this scale places high demands on know-how and products during implementation”, explains Ewald Marschallinger, Managing Director at ASSA ABLOY Austria. The subway system alone has over 109 stations. “As a leading Austrian manufacturer of mechanical and electronic master key systems, we can once again call on the experience of our specialists and our high-quality product range for this undertaking.”

eCLIQ for a flexible and secure master key system 

An eCLIQ master key system from the ASSA ABLOY brand IKON specially designed for Wiener-Linien was used. The doors and locking cylinders had to work without a power supply so that no new wiring would be required for the doors. At the end of an extensive, multi-stage tender process, the eCLIQ version with the power supply in the key was deemed the most suitable system. It consists of cylinders, keys, programming devices – in fixed installation or portable – and software solutions that enable access management either locally or via the internet. The eCLIQ master key system is particularly well suited for public institutions such as transport infrastructures, as the components are characterised by a high resilience and durability: The compact eCLIQ cylinders are maintenance-free up to 200,000 cycles and the open system can be easily expanded thanks to the modular design. This means that the cylinders can be used for doors, entrance doors, intrusion alarm systems, elevators and cabinets. Because the Wiener-Linien network is undergoing constant expansion, like with the recent addition of the U1 line, the option of simple expansion is essential. This is also made easier by the wireless installation: A standard battery in the key supplies the cylinder with power on contact. The new chip generation, which enables a faster processing speed with efficient energy management, means that the battery rarely needs to be changed.

For each eCLIQ key, individual access authorisations can be issued, deleted or changed – directly with a programming key and via software, the CLIQ® Manager. Via CLIQ®-Web-Manager, ASSA ABLOY also offers location-independent system management. Companies like Wiener Linien in particular, with numerous sites spread over the city, benefit from this: If a key is lost, authorizations can be revoked quickly and easily from any location, which makes the system even more secure. All access events can also be monitored via usage protocols if desired by the customer. This means that people who have gained access without authorisation, can be identified faster. To fulfil the relevant data protection requirements, access details can also be made anonymous or not saved at all. An AES encryption in the eCLIQ cylinders protects information such as access authorisations. 

Thanks to the mechatronic master key system, the transport company will no longer have to struggle with handling the master key system. Quite the opposite, the system will offer even more flexibility in the future, with increasing security. Vienna can therefore look forward to the next study to find the world’s most pleasant city.

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