RW6 Master key solution - performance that goes beyond standard

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is presenting the IKON reversible keying system RW6 for the first time at the Fensterbau Frontale 2018. The new mechanical locking solution is characterised by high-quality safety technology and an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Many rooms, many people, many different requirements - those who operate complex public or private buildings such as schools, offices, doctor's surgeries and apartment buildings, inevitably face the challenge of individual access options. Without a master key system nobody is getting anywhere. However, the line between a cost-effective system and sufficient security is very narrow. But the newly developed RW6 reversible keying system offers ASSA ABLOY a comfortable solution with an exceptional price/performance ratio. Be it for smaller or larger master key systems - wherever security, reliability and simple use are valued in the new installation of a master key system, RW6 scores points with its state-of-the-art mechanism.

Reversible key for high-level comfort of use

ASSA ABLOY uses stable cylinders for the system, which are opened and closed using a reversible key. The elegant design keys made from solid nickel silver rest comfortably in the hand. Thanks to their symmetrical flanks and rounded edges they offer a high level of comfort in daily use: it doesn't matter whether the key is inserted into the locking cylinder to the left or to the right - the door is always easy to open and close. Plus, with the choice of double, half and knob cylinders, every door function in a building can be realised.

"The topic of security is emphasised in the new reversible keying system," says Dragoljub Cvetinovic, Product Manager for Mechanical Cylinders at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. The RW6 cylinders are protected against manipulations in many ways (as per EN 1303:2015). "This allows the cylinder to withstand being drilled for five minutes thanks to its integrated, hardened steel pins," explains Cvetinovic. Side locking pins ensure good scanning protection. The established tumbler mechanism with 11 pins on three security levels offers a high level of security against conventional intrusion methods, such as picking.

ASSA ABLOY has developed completely new, high-quality profiles for the RW6 system. They are characterised by an optimum profile structure and a sophisticated arrangement of the profile features. The reversible keying system also has a long-standing patent protection. The security card must be shown to the specialist retailer when re-ordering components from the factory.

It is not only the secure and modern mechanism that speak for the RW6, but also the demonstrably long service life: in the long-term test the system completed 5,000 locking cycles without any problems and, with 240 hours, demonstrated a corrosion resistance more than twice as high as the standard. With its exceptionally good functionality and the modern security components, the new reversible key solution is worth its price and is exceptionally well suited to both larger and smaller master key systems.