New vector profiles with a high level of protection against tampering

ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is launching new locking system profiles for your special class SK6 on the market. The versions Vector profile rib and Vector profile rib extra from the IKON brand are technically refined developments of the previous vector profiles: Thanks to their special design, the cylinders are extremely difficult to tamper with and guarantee a particularly high level of intrusion protection.

With the new profiles, ASSA ABLOY is offering a high-quality and patented key system that is ideal for use in complex master key systems in both large and small buildings. The new system also has two security levels once again with Vector profile rib and Vector profile rib extra. They can be combined in one master key system, as keys in the second security level also lock the cylinders in the first level. Both profiles offer an extremely high level of protection against tampering through opening and picking tools, as well as unauthorised key copies, compared with conventional key profiles. In addition to the combination of security levels, a complete replacement of the system, if a key is lost, can be prevented by upgrading to rib extra.

Paracentric profile with bevelled edges

ASSA ABLOY guarantees this security, among other things, via a paracentric profile shape, where some of the profile features run over the centre axis of the profile. One rib and one groove are placed opposite each other in the profile as a pair. Each groove also has a bevelled edge. The structure developed by ASSA ABLOY made up of horizontal and bevelled edges makes picking more difficult, as the forces applied are directed in different directions in the cylinder.

"The Vector profile rib in the first security level has a sophisticated rib profile with six active, sprung pin tumblers", explains Dragoljub Cvetinovic, product manager for mechanical cylinders at ASSA ABLOY Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. "For the second security level, the key of the Vector profile rib extra also has a rib wave encryption, which is queried via active spring-borne collar pins in the locking cylinder." Both profiles are secured via two additional pins: A shape scanning pin in the locking cylinder also checks the encryption on the key. An additional locking pin queries the one-sided rib. All keys in this system are made from high-quality nickel silver and can be equipped with optional colour pins for uncomplicated management of the master key system.

Upgrading with mechatronic components

If even higher security levels or more flexible access authorisations are required for sensitive areas of the building, the new key system can be expanded easily with the mechatronic solution +CLIQ from ASSA ABLOY. The +CLIQ technology also opens up digital access control options in the master key system through the use of electronic chips in keys and cylinders. This means that access authorisations with time restriction can be created, for example, or locking authorisations deleted immediately if a key is lost. The access is thus controlled both via the mechanical locking, as well as the electronic identity. As a further option, other transponders can also be integrated in the key bows of Vector rib and Vector rib extra, e.g for an existing time recording system.

The new vector profiles with high protection function offer a particularly high quality and durability thanks to their reliable technology and perfect precision. The highest VdS and DIN classes are available as options. The comprehensive type range and retrofit options make Vector rib and Vector rib extra a locking system with enormous flexibility and variety.

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